The Next Generation cast

Where No One Has Gone Before

“Space… The final frontier…”

Ignoring my ongoing issues with the use of transporters, how they may possibly be killing and recreating everyone who uses them, and the Heisenberg compensator (which apparently works “just fine, thank you“…), Star Trek is probably my favourite space-related franchise, and one of which I have very fond memories of watching growing up.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Title Card

Sure, the reboot has taken things in a significantly different direction, but I have to recognize that doing so was probably necessary in order to revitalize it from a public, money-orientated, perspective. The Abrams / Orci / Kurtzman / Lindelof films have decided to break free of the established canon (one with a lineage of forty years, lest we forget) and portray the universe as more action-packed, fast-cut and altogether more shiny experience (yes, with added lens flare, but moving on…), resulting in films that lack the substance a long-time fan might have previously associated with the universe.

The long and short of it? Star Trek and Into Darkness are pretty decent action films, but they’re really not Star Trek.

For what it’s worth, this should be considered progress – upon first viewing of the rebooted franchise, I was much less calm. But emotions run high, and it’s not actually necessary to track down and… interrogate… all involved parties. Therapy is good. Again, moving on…

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